What's included: 
- A custom workout plan 
- Supplement Recommendation 
- Daily check in's and adjustements 
- Nutrition guidance 
- Answers to your questions. 

Benefits of online coaching: 
- No need to set up appointments. 
- Convenience. 
- Cheaper than in-person personal training.


Remember, you don't have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great.



4 Weeks = $160

8 Weeks = $230


Payments are made via online etransfer.





"I have been training with Brandon for about a year and a half and the sessions and the results have been fantastic. I've been able to lose 20lbs, gain muscle and finally find a program that works for me.  Working with Brandon is one of the best decisions I ever made."


- James T, 48, Toronto, Ontario



“The sessions we’ve done have really inspired me to do more. Brandon’s work and what he does is inspirational. He’s helped me learn about my strength and what’s possible.”


- Gwen, 39, Toronto, Ontario



"Training with Brandon is nothing short of amazing. Within one workout I could already feel my body becoming more functional and strong. Over the years I had constructed boundaries that made going to the gym almost impossible. Brandon, however, was quickly able to identify my fears and helped me break through all my phyiscal and emotional boundaries. He has shown me how to use my body in a more kinetic fashion, and knows how to push me when my mind is telling me to give up. Brandon's support is not limited to the gym, he is always there to send a motivational text, and makes sure that as a client I am always feeling my best. Brandon is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get fit!"


-  Felicia H, 20, Toronto, Ontario



"I always had problems with my shoulders. Stiffness, soreness, poor range of motion, etc. My personal trainer Brandon really helped me by  investigating the problem and acting on it. After only five sessions we saw tremendous improvement. Exercises I couldn't do before I can now do. My shoulders feel better."


- Steve Cai, 39, Toronto, Ontario


"Motivated, competent and attentive are words that give you an idea of what you are getting with this guy; Brandon pushes you from the day you commit your time and energy to build yourself and makes sure you stay focused and motivated in doing so. I had special requirements when exercising and I made my concerns clear from the start: I was afraid of injuring myself as I so often do. He quickly identified alternative exercises and corrected my form to help me get results without being a danger to myself. So now I feel great after the workouts, I even look forward to them too! I know anyone who signs up to make a change with Brandon's help will feel the same as well."


- Derek Yu, 25, Toronto, Ontario


"One of the reasons why Brandon is such a good personal trainer is because not only does he give you the tools needed to reach your goal, he makes the journey enjoyable. I can remember starting out feeling nervous, intimidated and even scared. Brandon made me feel comfortable. He is a great listener. He was only with me for a short time, a little over three weeks, but in that time he helped me lose over ten pounds and I already feel more energetic, confident and motivated. I highly recommend Mr. Wickens - he can get the job done!"


- Julien Matawawana, 20, Lennoxville, Quebec